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The Hope Appeal team recently went to Karbala, Iraq, to assess the needs of its people and distribute emergency food aid, medical supplies, provide cash assistance, clothing, wheelchairs, pushchairs, electronic goods, and anything else that people needed. 

This trip has given me a deeper understanding of the needs of the Iraqi people. Watching images and footage on TV and being there are two different things. It’s impossible to understand the scale of human misery and suffering until you’re there. We met some of the families we are helping, and it was heartbreaking yet rewarding at the same time, knowing we could help in some way. I watched children run around, children who’ve lost one or both parents, and they reminded me of my children and the many other children I know who have parents, homes, food, love, care, and guidance. But what about these children, who will look after and raise them? Us. You, me, and anyone who has a heart. We must take care of these orphans and ensure they have access to the basics in life. And not just orphans but all Iraqis who’ve lost their loved ones, homes, livelihoods, and sadly their futures too. This experience has motivated The Hope Appeal to do more for everyone everywhere.

Iraq has experienced decades of conflict, the destruction of infrastructure, and political corruption and is currently trying to rebuild itself as a legitimate nation-state with a bright future ahead of it. 

The Hope Appeal will support Iraq in this and increase its efforts to distribute food aid, medical supplies, clothes, cash assistance and so much more across Iraq, but we need your support.

Donate to The Hope Appeal today and save lives.