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And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.”
(2:110, Qur’an)

When you donate your Zakat to The Hope Appeal, you’re doing something amazing. You’re helping to quench a person’s thirst, feed a child, build a classroom, provide WASH facilities, and deliver healthcare to those most in need.

One of the most pressing issues today is the unprecedented number of people facing the threat of starvation. We urgently need your help to avert humanitarian crises across the globe.

45 million people are on the brink of famine across 43 countries

There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone on the planet

As many as 800 million people go to bed hungry each night

More than 900 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year

 In 2020, conflict was the primary driver of hunger for 99.1 million people in 23 countries

Roughly 690 million people globally are undernourished, and food insecure

Poverty and hunger are widespread among rural populations

The Hope Appeal will use your Zakat donation to:

  • Help widows and children living in extreme poverty
  • Deliver emergency food aid to millions across the globe
  • Build classrooms and schools, and get children into education
  • Provide water and sanitation to those living in drought-stricken areas
  • Deliver emergency medical aid to those injured in conflict, and natural disasters
  • Save lives with operations and neo-natal care
  • Provide shelter to displaced and homeless people, alone and destitute, having fled for their lives

Donate from just £30 today

  • £5 One Off


  • £30 Per Month

Could provide cash grants to zakat eligible families

  • £60 Per Month

Could feed a family

  • £250 One Off

Could provide food, emergency shelter, and healthcare

  • £350 One Off

Could provide life-saving medicine and healthcare facilities

  • £500 One Off

Could fund education projects

Your Zakat is so much more than a donation; it’s a lifeline for people who have no hope

We use your Zakat donations to deliver emergency food aid to the poor and needy, build homes, schools, hospitals, and WASH facilities.
Our mission is to give people hope by eradicating poverty while empowering people at the grassroots level to be financially independent through our micro-finance schemes.

Donate your Zakat today and be part of the change you want to see in the world

(You can also donate your Zakat-al-Fitr, Khums, and Fidya to The Hope Appeal)

Give everyone everywhere the hope of a better tomorrow by donating your Zakat to The Hope Appeal today