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“When the water wells dry we will know the worth of water.”
~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Water. A basic necessity that so many of us take for granted.  And yet, for millions of people across the world, water is a luxury that is simply out of reach.

The Hope Appeal will work tirelessly round the clock to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to clean, safe drinking water, decent toilets and proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. But we need your help to bring about long-lasting change.

Just under 800 million people don’t have access to clean water and climate change is making things worse

1 in 4 children will live in regions where water will become scarce by 2040

1.7 billion people don’t have a decent toilet of their own

2.3 billion people lack soap and water for handwashing at home

Water is life, water is for all

With the help of amazing people like you, we’re working across the world to ensure that people from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds have access to clean, safe drinking water, decent toilets and proper hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Your donation can change the way people live for good, and give them opportunities to succeed in every area of their lives. It all starts with water. Water is life, water is for all, and it all starts with you.

It can take 6-9 months for a water well to be built.

Donate from just £70 today

  • £70 Per Month

Could provide clean drinking water for one person in an emergency

  • £90 Per Month

Could provide a brick water well

  • £90 Per Month

Could provide clean safe water

  • £350 One Off

Could provide sustainable water sources for families

  • £750 One Off

Could provide 1/2 a share for a community water well

  • £1,500 One Off

Could provide a community water well

Your donation to our Water For All Appeal will transform communities

We use your generous donations to deliver WASH projects across the globe (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), building solar-powered water stations, rainwater harvesting systems, water wells, water pumps, and sanitation services to reduce disease and death. These will be situated in areas that can serve schools, villages, or entire communities, bringing hope and creating the foundations for a better, brighter future.

Donate today, make a difference, and quench someone’s thirst