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Who We Are

The Hope Appeal was founded in 2021 and built upon the shoulders of dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional individuals who are humanitarians by nature. We have been working and volunteering in the charity sector for many years, gaining valuable experience, which will ensure we can deliver humanitarian aid to people in need in the most effective ways. 

Our Mission

Giving hope to the hopeless by tearing out poverty at its roots, planting the seeds of sustainable change, and empowering communities through education and microfinance schemes

Our Vision

A world of hope, prosperity and socioeconomic justice, where poverty has been eradicated and all people have access to the necessities in life

Our Values 

The stated values of The Hope Appeal are inspired by the humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality and independence. Integrity, respect, transparency, and sustainability form the foundation of our work

What We Do

  • We provide millions of people with clean, safe drinking water and WASH facilities through our Water For All appeal. 
  • We deliver emergency food aid parcels reach those who are most at risk of malnutrition and starvation
  • We build homes for IDPs, refugees, the homeless and the destitute
  • We build schools and centres of learning in the countries we are working in, giving children the chance to learn, grow, explore and aspire 
  • We provide people with the necessary financial support, tools, and equipment to start a small business through our microfinance schemes
  • We respond to emergency crises anywhere in the world with lightning speed, and deliver aid packages to those in dire circumstances.