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Here at The Hope Appeal, we do things a little bit differently.

That’s why we’ve come up with a wonderful new way that bridges the divide between donors and beneficiaries, known as Giving Directly.

People who are experiencing financial hardship can apply for a donation or grant. Once an application is approved, it will appear on our website. Donors can then browse requests for help, choose who they want to support, and donate directly to applicants through The Hope Appeal or via bank transfer.

People need your support now more than ever

We know that millions of people worldwide desperately need emergency food aid, access to water, and decent homes. But let’s not forget our neighbours, communities here in the UK, or even a friend or relative who struggles to get by.

The global pandemic has driven low-income and disadvantaged families further into poverty.  14.5 million people in the UK were in poverty before the pandemic ravaged the globe. And now, redundancies, benefits cuts, and soaring fuel and food prices will make it harder to get through winter.

We all know someone who struggles to get by

The Hope Appeal appreciates that donating to someone who may even live in your area, is a very personal decision motivated by an understanding of financial hardship and struggle.

They say charity begins at home, so what better way to support people during a time of economic uncertainty and financial insecurity, than through this fantastic new initiative, Giving Directly.