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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy intends to inform you about why we collect and use your personal data and your individual rights with regard to your personal data.

This Privacy Policy is categorised into the following sections.

  1. Who we are
  2. What data we hold about you
  3. Data security and your rights
  4. Collection and use of your personal data
  5. How long we keep personal data
  6. Use of cookies
  7. Contact Us

The Hope Appeal is a registered charity We are a charity committed to advancing the providing humanitarian aid relief to those in need and giving hope to the hopeless. Any reference to ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this Policy means The Hope Appeal.

  1. What data we hold about you?

The Hope Appeal normally require your details including full name, address and contact information and will therefore hold data in respect of the following:

  • When you make a donation to us.
  • When you sign up to a campaign with us.
  • When you register for, or attend one of our events, or enter one of our prize draws.
  • When you contact us by email, telephone, letter or through our website.
  • When you visit and use our website (See ‘Use of cookies’ section).
  • When you interact with us on our social media platforms.
  1. Data security and your rights

The Hope Appeal will hold your data securely. We will also ensure that your personal information is only accessible by staff and volunteers who are appropriately trained and authorised to access such information.

We will only send you marketing materials by email, phone or SMS text if you have provided your consent. We will not send you marketing materials post if you have asked us to stop

You have the right to withdraw your consent to stop marketing materials at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent or require any further information, please refer to our Contact Us section below.

  1. Collection and use of your personal data

In order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, The Hope Appeal need to collect and use your personal data as follows:

  • To process your donations and gift aid declarations.
  • To keep you informed about our activities, campaigns and ways to support us.
  • To deal with your queries, requests and responses to our projects and campaigns.
  • To send you a confirmation of your donation and event registration.
  • To personalise marketing materials that we think might be of most interest to you.
  • To improve our services by asking for feedback or your suggestions

Collecting personal data from other sources

  • When you agree to support us through a third party fundraising site such as Just Giving or Facebook Giving.
  • In the event that we are permitted to send you marketing materials, we may use sources in the public domain to check that your marketing preferences and contact details are accurate.

Sharing data with other organisations

  • If you authorise us to claim gift aid on your behalf, we will be required to share your personal data with Her Majesty Revenues & Customs (HMRC) to receive the gift aid claimed.
  • With law enforcement authorities only in the event that we receive a legal instruction to do so.
  • If you register for one of our campaigns or events, we may be required to share your personal data with event organisers for health and safety purposes.
  • If you use a debit or credit card to make a donation or purchase, we will share your personal data with a payment processing partner.
  • If we are allowed to send you marketing materials, we may share your personal data with a marketing company to help us prepare and send out marketing materials on our behalf.
  • We contract a limited amount of third parties to store data on our behalf. This may include your personal data. Types of third parties we use include cloud storage, website hosting and software providers.
  • If we are required by law, we may share your personal data with data cleaning companies to ensure that the data we hold about you is accurate.

We will only share personal data with another organisation if we have a legal basis to do so. We do not share personal data with other organisations for marketing purposes and we do not sell personal data to anyone.


Collecting personal data from other sources 


We may carry out background checks in accordance with our due diligence policies and procedures in order to protect our charitable interests such as the risk of fraud, corruption, bribery, terrorism and money laundering in compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations.

  1. How long we keep personal data

The Hope Appeal will keep personal data in line with our Data Protection Policy. The amount of time we retain each class of personal data will depend on the reason it was collected as well as our statutory and contractual obligations.

  1. Use of Cookies

The Hope Appeal website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit certain websites. Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default although you can change preferences.

We use cookies to provide you with a smooth and efficient experience while using our services. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. If you do not accept our use of cookies, please set your internet browser to change your preferences (this may impair your ability to use our website so that some features may not work).

  1. Contact Us

The Hope Appeal is committed to ensuring your data is kept safe and using it best endeavours to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy. However, please notify us if you are unhappy about how we have processed your personal data or have a privacy concern, request or enquiry. Please use any of the following methods to raise a request, enquiry, concern or complaint:


By telephone: 0208 452 7565; please ask to speak to the Data Protection or Compliance Officer.


By Email:


By Post: The Hope Appeal

If you are not satisfied with the way we deal with your complaint or concern you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO can be contacted at: 

You are of course able to make a complaint directly to the ICO however, they may advise you to contact us to see if the matter can be resolved by us initially.