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“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity; it is an act of justice.”


~ Nelson Mandela ~

Tanzania is suffering and needs your help. Donate today and extend a warm, loving hand to its people, and let them know that help is on the way. The Hope Appeal aims to deliver a range of aid and social welfare programmes. 

Up to 1500 children will receive quality education in four schools. A teacher training college runs alongside them, and this year, fifty teachers are working towards their teaching qualifications. 

Eye clinics have opened and serve communities throughout Tanzania. A trip to an optometrist involves screenings, surgeries, and medication if required. 

The Haven of Peace Orphans home was established in 2008, and cares for 220 orphans. 

The Hope Appeal will build water wells across Tanzania, in strategic locations close to homes, schools, and places of work, which will serve communities of up to 400 people. 

Tanzania is a large country in East Africa and is home to over 60 million people. Following an economic boom until the early 1980s, Tanzania was a thriving nation, speeding ahead of other African countries on all fronts. But this changed when drought and war with Uganda created political instability, economic decline, and social inequality. Sadly, it is now one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.  

Tanzania faces massive challenges, including food shortages, violence against women, high levels of unemployment, and children not in education. These challenges led to a rise in poverty, food insecurity, and stalled economic development.  


5.5 million people are food insecure

1.4 million children are out of school

1 out of 10 women has been raped

Tanzania provides children with free education in rural areas and large cities. Despite this, roughly 1.4 million children are not in education, thus limiting their opportunities to learn basic skills and gain meaningful employment.  

Discrimination and violence against women are widespread in Tanzania. Two out of five women have experienced some type of violence in their lifetime, and many are unaware that there are laws in place to protect them. Violence against women and girls undermines their dignity and is a grave violation of their right to live in peace, safe from the threat of physical and psychological harm. 

Our work in Tanzania

By donating to The Hope Appeal, we can help Tanzania move towards a prosperous future by lifting people out of poverty.

Donate today and help us provide:

  • Emergency food aid, alongside a sustainable food programme
  • Long-term sustainable water solutions in impoverished communities, alongside our current well-building programme
  • Healthcare clinics and hospitals, increasing access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services
  • Schools closer to where people live, encouraging communities to send their children to school 
  • Orphans with shelter, food, education, and of course, love, care, and guidance
  • Awareness-raising and educational programmes, which tackles the issue of violence against women and children 

Your donation makes a difference

Donate from just £30 today

  • £30 Per Month

Could provide one month of life-saving food, water, and nutrition for one orphan

  • £60 One Off

Could contribute to the development of water solutions in drought-stricken areas

  • £540 One Off

Could provide shelter, food and education for up to 3 orphans for 6 months

  • £1000 One Off

Could help rebuild a health clinic in a remote area

  • £1500 One Off

Could provide a community water well

Donate to our Help Tanzania Appeal now and make a difference