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Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
~ Malcolm X ~

Do you remember your first day at school, donning a new school uniform, wearing polished new shoes, and holding your mum’s hand when you walked into your classroom? The prospect of learning new things, and making new friends was exciting.

However, the heartbreaking reality is that millions of children worldwide will never see the inside of a classroom, but you can change this.


Every child has the right to an education

By donating to The Hope Appeal, together, we can achieve long-lasting change through the education of millions of children worldwide. Change that empowers future generations to help break the cycle of poverty. Change that inspires families and communities everywhere to improve their lives. Change that creates opportunities for true self-independence. 



Over a quarter of a billion children worldwide are not in education

30 million girls are not in education

124m children/young people have not started school or dropped out

420m children will not learn the most basic skills

Education lights up the path to a brighter future

For millions of vulnerable children around the world, education is the first step on their journey towards a better life, a life free from poverty. We will ensure that every child gets an education, no matter what.

Your support means we can:

  • Give parents the knowledge, skills & resources they need to support their child’s early learning and development
  • Train teachers to deliver high-quality lessons based on world-class curriculums
  • Rebuild classrooms and schools devastated by war and natural disasters
  • Provide school uniforms, stationery, books, and other essential school items
  • Provide free school meals, toilets, and water stations

Donate from just £30 today

  • £30 Per Month

Could go towards our education fund

  • £360 One Off

Could provide an education for one child for one year

  • £1000 One Off

Could provide facilities for a school

  • £1500 One Off

Could provide a water well accessible to a school

  • £5500 One Off

Could rebuild and maintain an entire school (200 children)

Your donation to our education project will change lives

Education is key to a person’s goals in life and overall wellbeing. It offers the opportunity to gain job qualifications to secure good jobs and financial stability. But more than this, education allows children to develop their communication skills, grow, aspire, boost their creativity and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Donate today, make a difference, and help a child fulfil their potential