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“To understand Afghanistan, you have to face the stress the average Afghan deals with.” ~ Hyder Akbar

A humanitarian crisis looms ever larger over Afghanistan, and as a brutal winter sets in, the crisis will only deepen. We need your help to save Afghanistan. Donate today, save a life, and make a difference. 

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and is in urgent need of humanitarian aid.  They need your support, assistance, and protection. The Hope Appeal will do all it can to alleviate their suffering, but we need to act now. 

Decades of war and conflict, political instability, economic collapse, and more recently COVID-19 have collided together to cause a humanitarian emergency on an unprecedented scale. Since the Taliban’s recent takeover, the country is sliding towards a famine, which must be stopped in its tracks before it’s too late. And we need your help to do it. 

Before the Taliban took control, food insecurity was rampant, with most people simply unable to afford foodstuffs. And now that drought and conflict have enveloped the country, more people will go to bed hungry each night. 

Food insecurity is sweeping through Afghanistan, causing untold suffering and misery.


22.8 million people face acute food insecurity

3.2 million children face the threat of malnutrition

Food insecurity is predicted to reach 21% across the country this year


By donating to The Hope Appeal, together, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan, and help them during their greatest hour of need.  

Our projects in Afghanistan include:

  • Providing emergency food aid and developing a sustainable food programme, which will provide millions of people with daily, nutritious meals. 
  • Providing long-term sustainable water solutions to impoverished communities
  • Building homes for IDPs, homeless people, widows and orphans
  • Building schools, training teachers, and providing children with essential school equipment
  • Providing high-quality healthcare facilities, especially in remote areas

Each donation makes a difference. Donate today and be part of the change you want to see in the world. 

Donate today

  • £72

Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

  • £45 Per Month

Could feed a large family for a month

  • £90 Per Month

Could feed 2 large families

  • £100 Per Month

Could provide clean water for a family for a year

  • £200 Per Month

Could provide emergency provisions for one family

Donate to our Afghanistan Emergency Appeal now and make a difference