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Major earthquake measuring 7.5 on the richter scale leaves Turkey and Syria reeling

In the early hours of Monday (6th February) morning, at about 4:00 am local time, Turkey was struck by one of the largest, and most powerful earthquakes since 1939. With the death toll climbing, and a bitter winter setting in, the people of Turkey and Syria need warm blankets and clothes, prepared meals, cash grants, and emergency medical assistance.

Please donate to one of our packages below, or choose an amount that you would like to give.  No donation is ever considered too small.



Please donate generously

  • £10 One Off

Could provide 6 thermal blankets to families in the cold

  • £30 One Off

Could buy emergency ready-to-eat-meals for a family for one week

  • £110 One Off

Could provide a cash grant for a family, so they can buy food, medicines and essentials

  • 313 One Off

Could provide 3 emergency aid packages

The Hope Appeal goes live this Rajab and Shaban

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8:00 PM (BST)

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Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an orphan today and provide a child with food, shelter, education, safety, security, and protection. With no resources or anyone to turn to for help, orphans rely on our compassion to ensure they have access to the necessities in life. Without such support, orphans are vulnerable and struggle to make it by themselves. And they shouldn’t have to get through life on their own when people like you can help.