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“Peace does not mean to just stop wars, but also to stop oppression and injustice.”


~ Tawokkal Karmen ~

Yemen is unable to breathe. On life support and dying a slow and painful death; every moment is touch and go. We need to do something and act now. But we can’t do it without your help.

And while you are reading this, another small, enshrouded body is being lowered into a cold and lonely grave. The parents stand by and cry out, “Why my child?” Their cries echo throughout the mountains, seas, and land, alongside other parents who ask the same question.  

The spectre of death is far removed from our lives, so we cannot imagine what life is like for Yemenis who look death in the face every day. Even so, we still need your help to save lives. Your donation could decide the fate of someone whose life hangs in the balance. 

Yemen is on the brink of extinction

A protracted war between the Saudi-led coalition and the rebel Houthi movement has claimed the lives of millions of people, including an estimated 10,000 children, who were either maimed or killed. Many more children will perish at the hands of armed militia groups who continue recruiting child soldiers into their ranks. 2 million Yemeni children are internally displaced, with a further 2.3 million children under the age of 5 facing acute malnutrition. 


16.2 million people are food insecure

19 million people lack access to clean, safe drinking water

20.1 million people need humanitarian assistance

The ongoing conflict has all but destroyed the healthcare sector. Around 20 million people lack access to adequate healthcare, and the pandemic has made the situation worse. 20 percent of Yemen’s 333 districts have no doctors, as medical staff cannot work safely due to a lack of PPE. At present, there are only 500 ventilators (60 for children) and 700 intensive care unit beds in the country. 

Over 19 million people are in urgent need of water and WASH facilities. But because these are in limited supply, the spread of water-borne diseases like cholera is rife.  In April 2021, medical facilities were stretched beyond their capacity when one of the worst cholera outbreaks swept through the country, claiming the lives of over 11,000 people.  

The psychological trauma of growing up in an armed conflict zone makes it almost impossible for children to learn, grow and explore. Attacks on schools, students, teachers, and education infrastructure, have had a profoundly devastating impact on children accessing learning and knowledge, resulting in 2 million children not in education.  

Our work in Yemen

By donating to The Hope Appeal, we can let Yemen know they are not alone in their struggle to survive.  And it starts with your donation.  

Donate today and help us provide:

  • Emergency food aid alongside a long-term, sustainable food programme
  • Clean water and diverse WASH facilities
  • Hygiene kits, including soap and handwashing facilities
  • Medical equipment and protective, protective clothing (PPE) for medical staff
  • Homes for IDPs, homeless people, widows and orphans
  • Schools and essential learning equipment, like stationery, books, and backpacks 

Your donation makes a difference

Donate from just £45 today

  • £45 Per Month

Could feed a large family for a month

  • £90 Per Month

Could feed 2 large families

  • £100 Per Month

Could provide clean water for a family for a year

  • £200 Per Month

Could provide emergency provisions for one family

Donate to our Crisis in Yemen Appeal now and make a difference