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“They rejected my asylum application because they believed I could move to another area in Iraq. They don’t understand that there is nowhere I could move to in Iraq where I would be safe.” 


~ Ahmed, an Iraqi refugee in London, UK ~

Iraq. The cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of the invention of writing, the wheel, the first accurate calendar, the 60 seconds 60 minute hour, and so much more. Humanity is indebted to Iraqi civilisation, whose inventions changed the world. But sadly, Iraq has been raped, pillaged, invaded, and destroyed by regional and foreign powers and is referred to as a failed state.

Iraq has been through successive crises. The Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s bankrupted the country, which led to the Baathist regime taking the disastrous decision to invade Kuwait and take control of its oil fields, leading to the imposition of heavy sanctions by the West. The illegal invasion of the country in 2003, and more recently, the jihadist takeover by ISIS in 2014, has not allowed Iraq to take a breath and regain its composure.

Now the country is but a shadow of its former glorious self and is desperately trying to rebuild itself as a credible, regional power endowed with political legitimacy, economic growth, and social justice. And they need your help. Your donation could help Iraq rebuild its infrastructure and provide its people with the means to build a bright future.

1.2 million Iraqis are internally displaced, and they have little hope of returning to their homes as the country lurches from one crisis to the next. Many families have resorted to living in schools, makeshift shelters, and settlements, often in remote areas making it harder to access humanitarian aid and assistance.


1.2 million Iraqis displaced by conflict

3.2 million people are in acute need of food and livelihood assistance

3.2 million children are not in education

Access to clean, safe drinking water and WASH facilities is an essential component of Iraq’s road to recovery. A staggering 30 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water, further compounding their misery. Water toxicity is of grave concern, as it causes infectious and deadly diseases like typhoid, cholera, and watery diarrhoea.

Protracted conflict, prolonged displacement, a growing economic crisis, and underinvestment in the agricultural sector by past and present governments has resulted in up to 3.2 million people becoming food insecure. More than half of Iraqi families are at risk of malnutrition, and the national poverty rate stands at 31.7 percent, a 20 percent increase from 2018.

Children suffer the most as they lose out on education, financial security, safe homes, and sadly, their childhood. There are many children in Iraq but very little childhood.

Education was the backbone of Iraqi society. What was once one of the best educational systems in the region, and envied from afar, with universal access to quality learning, is now close to non-existent. The devastation inflicted on the education sector has led to its degradation, with 3.2 million children not in education, decreasing their chances of learning the basic skills they need to compete in the job marketplace when they reach adulthood.

Poor management, a lack of government funding and investment, and successive crises have brought Iraq’s healthcare system close to collapse. A robust healthcare system is integral to the sustainable growth and rebuilding of Iraq. Unless they can overcome these challenges, healthcare services and life-saving medicine will remain out of reach for millions of people.

Our work in Iraq

By donating to The Hope Appeal, we can help Iraq build a future based on hope, faith, and the will to succeed.

Donate today and help us provide:

  • Emergency food aid alongside a long-term, sustainable food programme
  • Clean, safe drinking water, hygiene kits, and diverse WASH facilities
  • Homes for IDPs, homeless people, widows and orphans,  especially in remote areas
  • Medical equipment, supplies, life-saving medicine, and protective clothing (PPE) for medical staff and healthcare providers
  • Health centres and medical facilities equipped with the latest in modern medical technology
  • Schools and essential learning equipment, like stationery, books, and backpacks

Your donation makes a difference

Donate from just £50 today

  • £50 Per Month

Could feed an orphan

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Could feed a large family

  • £500 One Off

Could provide a family with basic electric necessities including fans, and coolers

  • £2000 One Off

Could help refurbish a widow’s home

  • £5000 One Off

Could provide furniture/electric goods, electricity, water, and clothing for a widow and her children

  • £15,000 One Off

Home building

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