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You Can Trust Us

All applications for donations and grants are vetted by highly qualified and trained professionals who work in the charity sector. Once your donation is received, our finance team ensures beneficiaries receive it in full and on time.

All donations are equal, whether large or small

It’s all about everyone doing what they can to alleviate financial hardship and bring relief to hundreds of people who have no recourse to additional public funds or even help from family and friends. We are truly grateful to all our donors for giving what they can when they can.

Tracking Your Donation

Rest assured that once your donation is received, you will be able to track its progress up until the point it reaches the intended beneficiary. We encourage all beneficiaries to leave a testimonial, thanking donors for their support. This aspect of giving directly is perhaps the most rewarding.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

All donors’ personal information remains confidential, including how much they donated and to whom. We will not share your details with third parties or overwhelm you with appeals for more and more help. Instead, we may get in touch with you once or twice a year to firstly say thank you for donating and ask if you might be able to help once again.