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Give As You Earn

Giving as you earn is a simple, quick, and hassle-free way to support The Hope Appeal. 

It’s impactful, effective, and a great way to support worthy causes around the globe. 

How does Give As You Earn (GAYE) work?

The GAYE scheme allows your employer to set up a monthly donation of your choosing, which will come out of your salary, and  paid directly to The Hope Appeal via bank transfer before it is taxed. 

Giving as you earn ensures The Hope Appeal has a steady stream of income, which means we can plan our work in the most effective ways, ready to respond to emergency crises, helping millions of people everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a low-income tax band or a high earner, every donation matters, so please don’t underestimate the impact of this brilliant scheme. 

It also allows you to split your monthly donation between multiple appeals and projects. So rather than choosing one cause to donate £30 a month to, you can give £10 to three different causes – and it’s completely up to you.

And let’s be feels great to give.  Knowing your helping people and making a long-lasting difference is truly rewarding.

How do I sign up to Give As You Earn?

It’s easy to sign up to GAYE, just follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your company’s HR department and check whether your employer is signed up to any payroll giving scheme.  
  2. If they are signed up, that’s fantastic! You can request your employer to set up your giving to The Hope Appeal. 

And that’s all there is to it!