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One of the signs of a believer is the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (AS) on Arbaeen

~  Imam Hasan Al-Askari ~

This year, The Hope Appeal goes live from London from Ahlulbayt TV studio, SKY 787, to bring you live coverage from the holy lands of Najaf and Karbala.  Join our team on the ground as they bring you live footage from the Arbaeen walk. The whole world gathers in one place to mark the 40th day after the day of Ashura. A day like no other when Imam Hussein (AS) and his family, and companions were brutally murdered at the hands of Yazid, and his heathen army.


Join The Hope Appeal Mawkib at pole 266, which will serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) during Arbaeen

The Mawkib can be considered an institute, which serve the pilgrims that walk from Najaf to Karbala. They offer a place of peace, comfort, alongside providing water, food and a place to rest, which is all for free and done in the name of Hussein (AS).

The Hope Appeal will continue to fundraise for the orphans and widows of Iraq, and for people around the world who rely on us to bring them the basics they need to survive. This includes clean water, food, shelter, medicine, and anything else people may need.

Please donate to the packages below and ensure we can:

  • Feed pilgrims
  • Quench their thirst
  • Provide a resting place
  • Provide a place to wash and freshen up




Donate to our Arbaeen packages today

  • £12 One Off

Could provide 720 cups of water

  • £72 One Off

Could provide 72 hot meals

  • £313 One Off

Could provide 313 hot meals

  • £500 One Off

Could provide 500 hot meals

  • £200 One Off

Arbaeen Qurbani (Iraq) one sheep

  • £720 One Off

Mawkib – where most needed

  • £1000 One Off

Mawkib refurbishment

  • £1500 One Off

Mawkib extension

Donate to our Arbaeen packages now and make a difference