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“We rise by lifting others”

~ Robert Ingersoll ~

By donating to our Where Most Needed, we are able to ensure that those most in need, those who are in crisis, or are in an emergency, get help quickly. 

Your donations provide immediate relief to families who have nowhere to turn to for help and support. Communities that have been devastated by natural disasters, conflict, and poverty, need support to rebuild their shattered lives.

Donations allow us to provide emergency aid, alongside developing sustainable projects, which enables communities to generate their own income, and be financially independent.


We are working with our partners in Tanzania to rebuild communities through emergency aid, and long-term projects.

In the future, we will work with reputable aid organisations to deliver a range of humanitarian services including:-

  • Building homes, schools, and hospitals
  • Building water wells in strategic locations, close to homes and schools
  • Providing people with the necessary tools and equipment to start their own business

And of course, provide emergency aid to people who are suffering as the result of a natural disaster or conflict.

Your donations will transform lives, please donate generously


698 million people are living in extreme poverty

5.7 million children under five on the brink of starvation

785 million people do not have access to at least basic water services

Donate from just £72 today

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Family food parcel

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Emergency Crises

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Rent, bills, medical fees

  • £786 One Off

Wheelchairs for 20 people

Donate to our Where Most Needed fund now and make a difference