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Pakistan floods appeal

Thanks to the generous support of our wonderful donors, relief efforts in Pakistan are well underway, and will continue for as long as floods victims need our help. Pakistan was already beset by so many problems and issues, and now, with the recent floods, their situation has gone from bad to worse, and it won’t be getting better any time soon.

So, please, do not stop donating. Your donations are a lifeline for people who are literally drowning.

Pakistan floods appeal

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an orphan today and provide a child with food, shelter, education, safety, security, and protection. With no resources or anyone to turn to for help, orphans rely on our compassion to ensure they have access to the necessities in life.

Without such support, orphans are vulnerable and struggle to make it by themselves. And they shouldn’t have to get through life on their own when people like you can help.

Sponsor an Orphan

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The Hope Appeal in Karbala, Iraq

The Hope Appeal team recently went to Karbala, Iraq, to assess the needs of its people and distribute emergency food aid, medical supplies, provide cash assistance, clothing, wheelchairs, pushchairs, electronic goods, and anything else that people needed.

They had this to say about their experience in Iraq…


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